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5ml Viral Transport Tube

Universal virus transport medium
Product description

Disposable flocking swabs, one oral swab,one nasal swab

VTM and VTM-N Transport media can be chosen as needed.

Ready to use and easy to tear package, effectively avoid cross contamination.

Supplied with Biohazard specimen bag, ensure transport safe and reliable.


VTM Collection and Transport Kit

On the basis of Hanks solution, Bovine Serum Albumin V and

Virus-stable ingredients such as HEPES are added, maintaining

virus activity over a wide temperature range, which facilitates

the extraction of nucleic acid for the subsequent samples and

the isolated culture of the virus.

·Flocking Swab:Φ2.5x150mmStick,3cm break point for oral swab

and 8cm break point for nasal swab

·Transport tube:Φ16x58 (5ml),Φ16x97/Φ16x101 (10ml)

·Transport medium1ml/tube3ml/ tube

·Biohazard specimen bag4x6 


HX-K59-1: 10ml tube with 3ml VTM,one oral swab,one nasal swab, one biohazard specimen bag

HX-K59-2: 5ml tube with 2ml VTM,one oral swab,one nasal swab, one biohazard specimen bag

HX-K59-3: 5ml tube with 1ml VTM,one oral swab,one nasal swab, one biohazard specimen bag

Universal virus transport medium
Viral Transport Tube
Viral Transport Medium
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