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Φ70mm Petri dish


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Disposable virus sampling tube | urine cup | centrifuge tube


Product Details


Made of high transparency medical arade PS material.Used for funqus,bacteria and other microorganism culture.

superior production technique makes the dish thickness uniform.The dish bottom is smooth and clean without deformation,which makes

the quantitative analysis more precise.

Easy to stack up with the stack up circle.

Vent design for easy air exchange.

E.O sterile available.


Φ35mm Petri dish



Item no. Spec. Weight(g) Height(mm) sterilization Qty/pk Qty/cs
HX-D01 Φ35mm 2.5 12 EO 10 2000
HX-D02 Φ60mm 6 14 EO 10 1000
HX-D03 Φ70mm 9 16.5 EO 10 800
HX-D04 Φ90mm 12/15/17 14.5 EO 10 500
HX-D08 Φ90mm 17 20.7 EO 10 500

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