Pharyngeal swab test is a medical test method

  Pharyngeal swab detection is a medical detection method, which uses a medical cotton swab to dip a small amount of secretion from the pharynx of the human body, inoculate it in a special Petri dish, and then place it in a device that can control the temperature for culture. It can understand the patient's condition, oral mucosa and pharyngeal infection.   Objective: to take secretion from pharynx and tonsil for bacterial culture or virus isolation.   Materials: throat swab culture tube, alcohol lamp, match, tongue depressor, flashlight.   Steps:   1. In the morning, gargle with light saline (about 1%) before sampling and taking samples. In this way, the miscellaneous bacteria in the mouth can be removed, so as to accurately detect the infectious bacteria in the upper and lower respiratory tract.   2. The label is pasted on the specimen container and the object is brought to the patient's bed. Explain the purpose and method of throat swab culture.   3. Light the alcohol lamp, ask the patient to open his mouth and make an "ah" sound, expose his throat, and wipe the secretions on the palatal arch, pharynx and tonsil on both sides with a sensitive and gentle movement with a sterile long cotton swab in the culture tube.   4. After taking, disinfect the test tube mouth on the flame of alcohol lamp, then insert the cotton swab into the test tube and plug it tightly.   5. Submit for inspection in time. Inoculate in a special Petri dish.



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